Servo Draw Conveyor Bag Machine With Individual 2 Stage, 3 or 4 Fold Bag Folder


THE FIN-KON FOLDER individually folds with 3 or 4 folds, counts and stacks sideweld sealed bags.

Material is to be lay flat roll stock with repeat sizes from 18” minimum to 45” maximum and

material thickness from .0008” to .0015” mils.


With FIN-KON engineering, it’s easy to get the right technology to fold just about any kind

of plastic bag or sheet.  For the production of garbage ( trash ) bags, plain or printed,

clear or opaque, this versatility allows  you to increase or expand your product line.


Our folder system is available for our

890 41” wide and 56” wide machines in a 1 or 2 up operation.




New Technology for more consistent and accurate folds.  System handles wide range of gauges.

Improved design for better control of finished product.  Indexing conveyor for handling of

finished bags.  Electronic touch screen timing functions.  Pre-determined variable batch and

indexing capabilities.  Inboard or Outboard 1 or 2 up operation.  New design of electronic

components for pneumatic blow down functions.  Ideal configuration for ease of plant layout.


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